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Who Am I?

Who Am I?

Well, lets see now. Where shall we start.
My name is Carmen Adams. I'm 43 years old, am married, have 3 children, ride a 1997 Honda Magna 750cc, yellow and black in color and we moved from Seattle to Kennewick, Washington after living in Seattle for 19 years. The weather is much nicer here ( not as much rain) and traffic is much lighter. Yes, I'm a women rider as you may have guessed.
I grew up in Germany and lived there untill I was 18 years old. My hubby swept me off my feet in 1975. He was stationed in Germany at the time.
I won't bore you with ALL the details of my life. Just some (grin). I used to ride a little Honda 50cc when I was 16 years old. I suppose thats how I got addicted to riding in the first place.
I quit riding and took it back up two years ago in the summer after 23 years. Just couldn't stand it anymore, had to have a bike again.

The Honda Magna is my fourth bike and I love it. It handles wonderful, rides like a dream and has more then enough torque and power. I have added a windshield, a tankbag, stationary saddlebags and a personal licence plate that says " It's yellow, it's fast and it's MINE". I'm looking also to get a back rack in the future. Not and easy task, I don't have a backseat to attach it to. Maybe someday I will find one that will work for us.
I am also a member of MotoCentral. I was a chat host in the Motorcycles Chat Room for 6 months before MSN decided to change things again. Since then we have a new website and it's better then ever. Please have a look. I'm sure you will find it more then interesting and to your liking.

I have also written several stories. You will find them posted here and on the MotoCentral webpage. Writing is something that I enjoy. Be sure to stick around and read them. If you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to Email me.

For now I'm glad to meet ya and glad you stopped by. Take care and ride safe, rubber side down folks.


Copyright: Carmen Adams,1999

Pictures Of My Family

My Heritage. Pics of growing up