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Meet & Greet In Laughlin, Nevada

On October 2nd, 1999 eight members of the Motorcycles Community met in Laughlin, Nevada for the first time for a weekend of fun. We had been chat buddies for a long time and decided to finally meet. My memories are listed below. More memories are listed on the MotoCentral Webpage.

As the Plane landed in Las Vegas, Nevada I was amazed by the mountain view and Lake Mead.

We had left Seattle, Washington at give or take 7:30 am. Finally landing in Las Vegas after several weeks of looking forward to meeting my chat buddies built my excitement even more. Today was really the big day, I kept thinking. Picking up our rental car, hubby Don driving, we hit the road, south. After leaving the city we were amazed at the country sight. Hills and hills and flat land in between, there seemed to be no trees at all. Occasionally some tall cactuses and tumble weed was the only vegetation.

After driving 2 hours we spotted Laughlin and Bullhead City just down the hill. Checking into the Days Inn Hotel, my excitement was really building now. Spotting HarleyAZ's and Joanna's bikes outside, I grinned. "They are really here" I thought.
The first person I met was Jumper. I ran right into him. And wearing my MotoCentral chat addict t-shirt, he came right up to me to meet me and hug me. Soon Kathy and Johnny drove up in Kathy's Mustang. Hugging her, I was happy to see her again. (We had met before when she lived in Mount Vernon, Washington). And finally I got to meet Joanna and Scott (HarleyAZ).

After a river cross with the shuttle (The Colorado River separates both towns and states) we checked out the casino at The Riverside Hotel. Returning to the Days Inn Hotel to change for dinner, we learned that Frank (Sunrider) had also arrived from Tampa, Florida. He too, got a hug.

We had dinner and got to know each other. "These are neat people" I thought.

We stayed up to late visiting and trying our luck gambling. We laughed, told jokes and showed each other pictures of our bikes and where we are from. Falling into bed finally around 1:30 am, my mind returned to the past day. What a great day it had been indeed. We were blessed by meeting each other, everyone had good trips and a wonderful time. Smiling, I went to sleep.

The next morning I got up to say good bye to HarleyAZ. He had to return to Phoenix, Arizona. Starting up his Harley-Davidson, I hugged him. I hope our paths will cross soon again.

We had breakfast once again at the Riverside Hotel with Joanna, Steve and Frank meeting us a bit later. We took some more pictures and headed back to the Days Inn Hotel for more pictures and to say our Good Byes. After about 2 more hours of sharing stories, looking at more pictures and knowing we all had to part soon, we finally had to say "good bye" to Kathy and Johnny who needed to had back too.

We left Laughlin shortly after that and spent a couple of days in Las Vegas having fun before returning back to Seattle, Washington on Thuesday. We had a wonderful time and lots of fun. We would love to have a second Meet&Greet with some more folks sometime. I really enjoyed meeting you all and hope that we CAN do it again someday. Count me in, folks (grin)

Pictures and copyright: Carmen Adams, 1999

Pictures From The Meet & Greet