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LadyBlue's Motorcycles Page

Welcome To LadyBlue's Motorcycles Page

On this page you will find links to some motorcycle stories I have written, pictures and some links to my favorite webpages. I hope you enjoy being here as much as I've enjoyed putting this page together. I've been riding a motorcycle for 4 years now again.I just have this certain passion.... In fact, I think I am an addict.(grin)
Well, Fall and Winter are here. Not much riding going on now anymore with fog, ice and maybe a bit of snow. Poor bike will sit there for a while getting all dusty. And I'm busy with school, studying and working. The holidays are around the corner too and the stress is on. Since we have moved, I've been busy in the yard and haven't done much riding. I still look forward to riding a bit more here then in Seattle where the traffic is a nightmare. I still want to take some trips and check out the roads here. The weather sure is nicer here in the Tri-Cities. There is four seasons here for sure.
Thanks to all you folks who have droped me a line per Email. It's been great to hear from all of you. Stay warm this winter and I'll see you on the road soon again.

Below you will find some of my favorite Motorcyle Pages. MotoCentral is a page all about motorsports, from cars to motorcycles. MotoMick's Page is a good friend of mine and does the photo gallery for MotoCentral. Puget Sound Rider Page is a very good page for the folks in the Pacifc Northwest. I will add more links as I update this page.



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