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A Memorable Motorcycling Tale

A Memorable Motorcycling Tale

Just a few months after I had met my future hubby, we went to the local Disco as usual in the evening. We had ridden my little dependable honda 50cc into town. The disco was one of our favorite places to hang out in those days. It was fairly close to home, about 2 miles. We rode everywhere on that little honda, it was the only transportation we had back then.
As the evening started to take shape with dancing, a few drinks, lots of laughter and fun, Don and his army buddy John decided to order a fifth of canadian club whiskey to celebrate John's return to the states. His 2 years in the service were completed.
Soon the two of them were pretty wasted to say the least ! After several hours of drinking, they actually had finished the bottle of whiskey. Arms around each other, eyes glassy, happy like pigs in mud, they decided it was time to go home. And just how were they going anywhere, drunk like that I wondered ?
John soon found a ride back to the army base, with only one seat left in the car. I realized Don would probably have to go home to my house !! And how was I going to explain that one to my dear mother, bringing him home drunk like that ? I could just hear it..oh boy !!
I had no choice "Can't leave him like that" I told myself. So, I loaded him on the back of my little bike, told him to hang on to me around my waist and gave it gas. Everything went fine for the first half of a mile. He was starting to feel sleepy and wasn't paying much attention. I could feel his arms relaxing around my waist. I was hoping he wouldn't fall off. The next turn we took he started to lean the other way of the turn ! 180 lbs going the opposite direction of a turn, wonderful. It took every bit of strength to keep from not falling over. I stopped, woke him up and told him to sit straight and hold on to me. "Ok" he mumbled. Again I gave it gas and started to drive. Soon I could feel him relaxing again and sure enough with the next turn he started to lean the opposite way again !! Again it took every bit of strength to keep the bike straight. I woke him up again and told him to sit straight and hold on to me. "Ok, ok" was his reply.
I must have stoped 3 times that night before I finally got him home safe on the bike. What a journey !!
Now I had to deal with my mother, great !! After explaining to her that I couldn't just leave the poor guy drunk like that, she raised her eyebrows at me and finally agreed to have him spend the night, IF he took the couch of course.
Don had a very rough night that night. He spend quite a while over the sink and in the bathroom, asking me why I let him drink so much !!?? I felt very sorry for him, but I can honestly say, in the 23 years of marriage I have only seen him like that one other time. That time was here in the states and I had a car to load him into and drive him home, thank god.
He rides his own bike and I ride mine. We still laugh about that evening back then, it's one of our favorite stories to tell.

"Written in June 1999" Copyright: Carmen Adams

Forward To My Trip To Eastern Wa. (Pictures coming soon)

Pictures and copyright: Carmen Adams, 1999